Penalties for driving without a license in California

Bring you driving without license

California laws require that you bring a valid license whenever operas a motor vehicle. If you are detained without your license you can be cited for violating the law. This violation is regarded as a criminal penalty that includes a ticket, a fine and a point in your file; however, if you can verify that indeed have a license, the fee may be reduced.

Driving without a valid license: Car

Under the law it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle: (1) a license has expired; (2) after obtaining residency in California but without a license or (3) without having had a license. These three offenses under the statute up charges of driving without a valid license, They are considered a minor and subject to potential penalties of up to six months in jail offense a fine of $ 1,000, probation and the ability to impound your car.

Driving without a valid license: motorcycles and scooters

It is also illegal to operate a motorized scooter bike motorcycle, or without a valid license; however, unlike regulations for automobiles, the violation of this section of the law is considered a violation. The sanctions include a ticket, a fine of US $ 250 and a point on your traffic.

Driving while license is suspended or revoked

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle knowing that your license has been suspended or revoked. Under the law your license can be suspended for various reasons, including not paying traffic fines or a conviction for driving under influence of alcohol. Depending on the reasons which has been suspended your license, a conviction under this charge is a misdemeanor and carries a potential sentence ranging from five days to one year in jail, fines of US $ 300 to US $ 200, a trial and the possible installation of an ignition blocking device in your car.

Repeat offender

If you are repeatedly caught driving with a suspended or revoked for a specific period of time (usually a year) license, you will be declared a repeat infringer. Although it is a misdemeanor, one count of repeat offender is one of the charges of “driving without a license” more serious. A first offense carries a minimum penalty of 30 days in jail, fined $ 1,000 and license suspension. Penalties increase with each subsequent conviction.