Level blood alcohol DUI blood test vs. breath test for DUI

By “breathe test” we mean the breath test conducted at the police station. Which it is administered with a BAC machine (Alcohol Concentration in Blood) to measure the level of alcohol concentration in the blood of a person. Not to be confused with the breath test administered a breath meter (PBT) when being stopped by an officer,


Let us introduce the following hypothetical scenario. You were in a social gathering. He was there for 2-3 hours and during that time you ingested 3 drinks. He leaves the meeting and goes home; driving slightly speeding. Something 40 mph in a 35 mph zone

The stop driving speeding; the officer perceives alcoholic breath; you admit having drunk (which should never do); you agree to be tested for sobriety (again, something that should never do); and now he is arrested and in the back of a patrol.

Then the officer will take you to the police station (or similar establishment) to submit to a DUI breath test and thus measure the level of alcohol in his blood. At this point you have two options. First, go to the station to be given a DUI breath test. Or second, you can get a ride to a hospital so there you are given a blood test for DUI.

The important thing now is to ask: Do you submit to a breath test or should you request a blood test should be?

DUI ALCOHOL LEVEL IN THE BLOOD OF DUI: I submit to breathe test OA blood test?

In Washington State, a review of the level of alcohol in the blood of DUI can be a breath test or blood. Decide between taking the blood test or breath test can make or break your DUI case. The answer to this important question will depend on your circumstances. The purpose of this article is to discuss the two tests in relationship to each other to help you decide which test to take.


The DUI blood test is much more accurate than the DUI breath test. Also, after your blood has been tested for alcohol, a blood sample is stored. This will allow the defense team to review its blood sample afterwards. Your DUI defense attorney can use the blood sample to argue that it is not his blood or the BAC was not necessary.

The DUI blood test can help someone alcohol content in the blood of DUI, it is in fact less than the legal limit. For whom the level of alcohol in the blood exceeds the legal limit, choose a DUI blood test may not be a good strategy because the DUI blood tests are more accurate.


The DUI breath tests are not accurate and are known to cause false readings. This will allow your DUI defense team provides evidence to show that the BAC machine used in his case was not accurate. The breath test can help who her true BAC was higher than the legal limit of .08%.

To whom your BAC is lower truth of the legal limit, submit to a breath test rather than a blood test can be risky because the lack of accuracy of the breath test can show that he was over the limit.


Deciding between undergo a blood test DUI or DUI breath test is a very important decision. The answer depends on the circumstances of his case. If you are sure that your level of blood alcohol DUI is less than the legal limit of .08%, then you should probably choose the DUI blood test. If you feel that your BAC is perhaps greater than the legal limit, then it is best if you submit to DUI breath test.