The official lawyer or paid lawyer?

It is possible that at the time of seeking a lawyer you have raised a question like this can I have a lawyer by trade? What works best? Who is better? The choice of a specialist is not something that should be left to chance because finding a professional you trust, with whom you feel safe, and who has knowledge and experience in cases like yours is vital.

American films and series have popularized the figure of the public defender, but their justification has a much closer reality.

Therefore, unlike what you can think, all people who lack resources may have a lawyer ex officio whatever the case on which you have to judge.

However, the truth is that the advantage of having a lawyer by trade is linked to problems that will not occur with a paid lawyer. Professionalism is understood for all specialists, so it is true that both a private and a trade will have the necessary knowledge (accredited as established by the Administration) to defend your case. But here comes the first difference: the time they spend is not the same.

A paid lawyer is a more exclusive service, therefore, it is more likely to give you more time to study your situation and find a solution. The lawyer by trade will have many and diverse clients so your time will be more distributed to try to reach everyone, and will not be available when you want, but when you can.

The procedures to get a lawyer by trade, another difficulty

Another of the points that differentiate a lawyer by trade and one of payment is the way in which to get their services. For a private lawyer you can use Easy offer, which in a simple way will put at your disposal up to three personalized budgets, free of charge and without commitment, so you can find your ideal specialist. As easy as filling out an online form telling your case, nothing more than that. A convenient, fast, and above that allows you to compare several options.

In the case of the public defender, management is not so easy at all. First of all because to be entitled to one of these professionals you must accredit certain conditions that make you worthy of the service.

The conditions for choosing a lawyer by trade are focused on the economic capacity of the applicant. The gross annual income, and per family unit, cannot exceed twice the Public Indicator of Income of Multiple Effects (IPREM) for those who do not form a family-figure that is almost 13,000 $, and two and a half times families of two or three members 16,000 $. For family units with four or more member, which is about 19,000$.

But, apart from revenues, the Administration will take into account what the Law on Free Legal Assistance defines as “external signs” that suggest that the income statement does not correspond to the real situation of the affected party. In this way, they will also consider properties of real estate or possible returns on movable capital. So if you want to defraud or cheat in this matter, the play may go really bad.

However, there are specific cases in which, regardless of economic resources, you will always have the right to an lawyer:

  • Victims of gender violence, terrorism, victims of trafficking with human beings
  • Persons with mental disabilities who have been victims of abuse
  • Minors
  • Victims with permanent squeal due to an accident
  • Workers beneficiaries of Social Security to claim for their labor rights

The free assistance also includes the costs of fees and other payments that must be made to go to court, which is an advantage because with a payment lawyer will be the client who has to face these extra expenses.