Finding the best lawyers

If someone faces a legal obstacle, the first question is: “How can I find a good lawyer?”.  All lawyers are trained in the law and have a degree from an accredited law school. And all practicing lawyers have passed a test board to become a licensed attorney in your state. That said, it is no secret that not all lawyers are equally qualified and if you are facing a major legal battle will want the best attorney available to you. You can find the best lawyer in several ways.


  1. Consider lawyers have commercials. Many lawyers who advertise on television or in the yellow pages specify their specialty. However, just because a lawyer has a publication, does not make it a good lawyer. It means practicing in a particular area of ​​law and has experience in that specialty. Avoid a lawyer practicing a bit of everything and, in essence, is a “jack of all trades and master of none.” Do not hesitate to ask any lawyer about how many cases he has litigated those are similar to your case and how many of them have won.
  2. Ask your friends, family or other lawyers. Almost everyone has had the need to hire a lawyer at some point in their lives and most can recommend or not recommend a lawyer for a specific task. The best reference is to a real lawyer. Assets lawyers know better than anyone the best lawyers in their field of expertise. A defense attorney will know the best lawyers for the plaintiffs in their jurisdiction. A criminal attorney will know the best criminal defense lawyers and so on.
  3. Go to court and watch the lawyers in action. Go to court on a motion day when a number of lawyers to the judge will go over a small period of time. Make sure you go to a criminal court if you have a criminal problem as a civil court if it is a non-criminal matter. Listen to the various lawyers argue his client will give a lot of information about courtroom experience and knowledge the law of each lawyer.
  4. There are a number of Internet sites that maintain an extensive database of lawyers in each state. In the list the name, address and specialty of each lawyer is. However, little is said about the qualifications of lawyers in most databases. A publication, Martindale-Hubble is a valuable resource because attorneys listed are classified by their colleagues in their degree of experience and competence.
  5. Interview as many lawyers as possible after you’ve narrowed your list to those that interest you. Just because a lawyer has a reputation not mean it’s the right one for you. In the interview, ask who will handle the case, whether it himself or junior partner. Ask yourself how you feel about the overall feeling you produce office. For example: Is there a professional atmosphere and the staff seems friendly and competent? You’re not just hiring a lawyer, you’re also hiring staff.