Where it is alleged that the drunk driving caused a death, the charges are frequently DUI manslaughter. These charges are usually felony and can result in long prison terms, heavy fines, or both. If you have been accused of causing death as a result of drunk driving, it is important to contact a competent attorney right away. Your future depends on a strong defense of a criminal lawyer with experience.

Miami attorneys with experience in all aspects of Criminal Law

When it comes to DUI manslaughter, there is no substitute for a vigorous defense. You need a lawyer who not only understands the defense of DUI, but also has experience successfully defending against murder, high-profile crimes and other serious charges. If you require a lawyer to be accessible it is to be represented properly in court.

Finding the right strategy for DUI manslaughter case

It’s easy to lose hope defendants in homicide cases for DUI. Blood tests that indicate intoxicated and testimony of officers on the scene can seem insurmountable. If you add some benevolent juries sometimes it seems that everything goes against you. Do not let these things make you lose hope. An effective criminal defense attorney can find the best arguments and evidence for his defense. These may include:

  • Irregularities in administering sobriety tests in the street;
  • Blood tests faulty or mismanaged;
  • Traffic violations or other irregularities that prove guilt or part of the blame for
  • the victim;
  • Expert testimony disputing the claims of prosecutors.

Of course, your best legal strategy will depend on the unique circumstances of your case. No defense is complete without a critical examination of all the evidence and frequently the use of expert witnesses. The best lawyers leave no stone unturned in his efforts tirelessly to defend their clients.