During a breathalyzer, there are procedures to be followed at all times to ensure the rights of drivers. In the event that a police officer does not perform these procedures correctly, you can escape the charge of DUI. In case you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, it is important to contact an attorney who has a good track record carrying cases of DUI arrests.

It is very common that during the holidays or bridges weekend, police increased vigilance on drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol and so raise awareness of the dangers of driving due. Some state agencies believe that this method is effective to reduce accidents related to driving under the influence of alcohol, but experts say the arrests are not as effective in such cases as those by police patrols.

The administration national security traffic on highways has created a set of guidelines that each State agency must follow during an arrest a drunk driver. For example, the location of the detention of the vehicle must be established in a specific place, like a black dot or departure of a sum of parties. The area should be well signposted and drivers cannot have doubt that they are at a roadblock.

The police must establish the total amount of stopping vehicles, either every second or those suspicious cars. During control DUI, the officer tries to find details that betray the drunk driver: odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and open bottles or cans in the car. In the case of shock suspected that the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, it must proceed to do a breathalyzer test.

Drivers may refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test these for a police check. But this you will face a dire legal consequences for you to receive the identification of lead gave implied consent to be investigated by police on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and blood alcohol test shall be made by law. In case of refusal to take the test, your license can be revoked immediately by the authorities.

If you have been arrested and subsequently charged with driving under the influence of alcohol on breath control, it is important that you contact a good lawyer in such cases. Your DUI lawyer will investigate all information about your case to get away with such a difficult situation.